A Unique Point Of Difference

In today’s competitive business climate, having a unique point of difference is essential to attracting new customers.

Whatever sector you’re in, ‘run of the mill’ just doesn’t cut it and those that fail to grasp that fact risk everything by maintaining the status quo.

We’ve spoken to restaurant owners, care home managers, private medical facilities and educators, all of whom have recognised the need to set themselves apart from their competition and stand out in an ever more competitive market and seen robots as their unique point of difference.


Introducing robots into Front of House service teams has a multitude of benefits for the business, customers and staff but we’ve been told that the point of difference offered to the customer, who is intrigued by the ‘Robot Restaurant’, means that a large percentage of them will choose that venue just to see what all the fuss is about!

Care Homes

Clients looking for the right place to bring their aging parents can be swayed by innovation and efficiency, giving them the confidence that an establishment embracing such measures must be offering something different than the rest.

Schools and Colleges

It goes without saying that an education establishment embracing innovation and futuristic methods isn’t one stuck in the past, with an outdated teaching ethos, making it the ideal choice for parents wanting their children to have the best start in life.

Whatever your sector or view on business, you must agree that competitive advantage is something we all strive for.

In today’s market, whoever you are and wherever you are, if you can get ahead of the competition, you’re doing something right in business and that’s exactly what those business owners who embrace the new robotic technology are doing.

As us how you can make use of the best robotic service delivery technology in your business.

We love to talk robotics!

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