Who Is Hutech Robotics?

MD of Hutech Robotics, Paolo Hu is also a partner in The TCB Unlimited Dining Experience, a Chinese Restaurant chain operating in the North West of England.

During the Covid restrictions in 2020, when everything had to change, the restaurants moved from a Buffet Style Service to Table service, which changed the Front of House operation completely.

Where previously, staff had been engaged primarily in table clearing and drinks service because customers collectd their own food from the buffet, now every dish had to be served and as it was an eat as much as you like, tapas style menu, that meant a lot of dishes and a lot of extra work.

It meant recruiting more staff at a time when hospitality staff were becoming ever harder to attract, due to most people preferring furlough to working long hard hours front of house in a restaurant.

So he turned to the option of using front of house service robots and sought out PuDu Robotics, a world leader in the field of robotics, not to replace staff but to supplement and support those team members already working and introduced initially one Bellabot into some of the restaurants, to trial them.

The move proved so successful for the chain that they now have 14 robots operating in five of their restaurants, which made the next step, deciding to distribute the robots to other restaurants and easy one and Hutech Robotics was formed.

Hutech Robotics is the UK distributor of PuDu Robotics products, stocking and making available robots including Bellabot, Kettybot, Holabot and Puductor2, a range of Front of House Service Robots, not only perfectly suited to any hospitality business but also with uses and role in many more industry sectors.

The benefit to buying a robot from Hutech Robotics is that they’re not just selling a commodity, they’re selling a product they use very successfully in their own restaurants, so know that what they’re saying actually works!

Paolo Hu says that introducing front of house service robots into their operation has been the best decision they’ve ever made.

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