Are You An Early Adopter?

The early bird catches the ‘Robot’ worm, as they say and as we talk to more and more people from different sectors and industries we are establishing a much better vision of the wide range of applications where our robots can be used.

In the last week of July alone we started trials with a number of high-profile clients who recognise the benefits of introducing robots into their operations.

There are a number of visionary entrepreneurs and corporate clients who recognise the value of being among the early adopters, reaping the benefit of the novelty value in demonstrating an innovative approach to conducting business.

Kettybot in the reception at The Clementine Churchill Hospital
Kettybot ready to receive guests and visitors

We’re working with clients in different sectors

  • Hospitality Food & Dri
  • Hotels
  • Private Health, Hospitals & Clinics
  • Carehomes

When you operate in a competitive sector, a positive demonstration of an innovative approach tells a powerful story and attracts a more discerning client who believes that demonstration reflects a positive culture throughout the business.

Another benefit of early adoption of new tech and innovation is the novelty value of being among the first, which also has a positive effect on new customer uptake.

Kettybot between two remote control cars
Kettybot hanging out with friends

Hospitality clients using our robots have reported an increase in footfall of over 15% following the introduction of robots Front of House, at a time when financial recovery from the Covid disaster sees everyone competing for more customers.

Here’s what some people are saying in Google reviews…

“Went here on the day of arriving and was quite excited to see the cat robots in action and they did not disappoint. They are a great idea and really made the place unique.”

“Food was really good and the kids (and adults) loved the robot that brings your meals to the table.”

“The robot servers are something else. Great experience. Highly recommended.”

FACT – Robots are being used to make people’s lives easier in many sectors!

Robots are being used by savvy business owners to improve employee experience as well as the customer experience in many areas and it’s just a matter of time before robots in the workplace will be commonplace.

Bellabot at work in TCB Restaurant


Those taking the initiative and capitalising on early adopter benefits will position themselves well for growth in any competitive sector.

We’d like to talk to any business owner wondering how they can introduce robots and take advantage of the early bird benefits. 

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