Bellabot The Perfect Front of House Service Robot

Robotics is very quickly becoming the norm in many business sectors and everyday life. It’s very difficult to go through your day without interacting in some way with a robotic system.

Whether you’re filling your car with petrol, doing your daily shop or now, enjoying a meal at your favourire restaurant!

At Hutech Robotics, we\’re one of the very first UK distributors of robots designed to work Front of House, serving in restaurants, or in fact any hospitality scenario, supporrting ‘human’ team members, enhancing the customer experience and improving operational performance.


We currently have a number of robotic products in our range but our lead robot is Bellbot, or ‘Bella’ as she’s affectionately known.

Her primary role is to deliver orders from the kitchen or servery directly to the restaurant.

In certain establishments she might simply deliver to a serving station, acting as a Commis De Rang, so to speak, leaving a front of house server to make the final, short delivery journey to the customer. In others, Bella might deliver dishes directly to the table, where a member of the FoH team might transfer food to the table or customer might even simply take their order from the shelf indicated themselves.

Doing The Legwork

Bellabot serving in a TCB Unlimited Dining Restaurant

The role of Bellabot is to do the mundane tasks in hospitality, doing the legwork and heavy lifting, transporting orders from kitchen to restaurant, the jobs which make hospitality work unappealing to many who would otherwise love the role, interacting with customers and delivering excellent customer service.

A Novelty Attraction

As well as the very practical and important FoH roles Bella perdforms, she’s also proved to be a huge novelty in the current hospitality market, attracting customers to venues who just want to be served by a robot!

Additionally, as Bella can be programmed in many languages and to perform specific tasks like singing ‘Happy Birthday’ she offers lots more benefits than you might at first think and in fact restaurants already using Bellabot have already reported uplift in footfall attributed to Bella\’s presence. 

Works All Day

With a short four hour charge, Bellabot will work all day, remaining operational for between 12 and 20 hours, plenty of time to complete any service, without complaint or need for rest break and she\’ll never be late for work or worse not turn up at all!

So there we have it, Bellabot makes a fantastic addition to any hospitality, Front of House service team and works perfectly in conjunction with table ordering apps, another area where hospitality has seen massive strides forward in recent years.

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