Why Holabot Is Always The Waiter’s Favourite

As we’ve previously discussed, Robotics is very quickly becoming the norm in many business sectors and everyday life. It’s very difficult to go through your day without interacting in some way with a robotic system.

During a recent visit to the chiropractor, I was invited to step onto the end of a bed which was standing vertically in the room. Once on, the bed effortlessly lowered me to a lying position, convenient for the chiropractor and easier for me. Robotics are involved in everything!

At Hutech Robotics, we’re one of the first UK distributors of robots designed to work Front of House, serving in restaurants, or in fact any hospitality scenario, supporting ‘human’ team members, enhancing the customer experience and improving operational performance.


HolabotWorking alongside both humans and other robotic servers, like Belalbot, Holabot carries out the task of collecting all the dirty plates, dishes, cutlery and glasses and whisking them back to the pot wash, while the humans get on with setting the table for the next customers.

Of course, the dirties don’t climb into Holabot by themselves, the human front of house staff have to load them but the time saved not having to then carry them back to the dishwasher is huge and it means that multiple table can be cleared at once, saving numerous journeys back and forth.

Doing The Legwork

Like Bellabot, the role of Holabot is to do the mundane tasks in hospitality, doing the legwork and heavy lifting, transporting heavy loads of dirty plates and dishes from restaurant to pot wash, one of the jobs which makes hospitality work unappealing to many who would otherwise love the role, interacting with customers and delivering excellent customer service.

A Novelty Attraction

As well as the very practical and important FoH role Holabot performs, he has also proved to be a similar novelty attraction to Bella in the current hospitality market, attracting customers to venues who just want to see the robots!

Works All Day

With a short charge, again just like Bellabot, Holabot will work all day, remaining operational for between 12 and 20 hours, plenty of time to complete any restaurant service, without complaint or need for rest break and he’ll never be late for work or worse not turn up at all!

So again, Holabot makes a fantastic addition to any hospitality, Front of House service team, offering a range of benefits and working perfectly alongside other robots and humans alike.

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