How Much Does Bellabot Cost?

Everyone who sees them asks ‘how much does a Bellabot cost?’

It’s a reasonable question, after all, if you’re thinking of integrating robot waiters into your hospitality front-of-house operation, you’d want to know how much it’s going to cost.

And the answer is surprising to most when they realise that for less than £100 per week they could have the hard-working, quirky little robot server supporting their human staff members, doing all the running back and forth from kitchen to restaurant and all the heavy lifting, leaving the humans to do what they do best and that’s engage with the customers!

Bellabot the robot waiter operating in a restaurant
Bellabot the robot waiter operating in a restaurant

Bellabot, sometimes called the ‘robot waiter’ is currently generating a huge amount of interest in hospitality and other sectors, for a number of reasons, making them the perfect addition to front-of-house teams.

They are:

  • An immediate solution to staffing shortages
  • Able to do all the restaurant running between servery and tables
  • An aid to front-of-house service staff
  • Allowing staff to spend more time with customers
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • A huge operational cost saving
  • An attraction to new customers

At Hutech Robotics Ltd, we have a number of finance options, to make it easy for you to have Bellabot operating alongside your existing staff front-of-house, right away, at a cost much less than the weekly cost to employ additional humans.

We believe that in these somewhat difficult economic times, operational costs must be closely monitored and a robot waiter, that supports the team, works tirelessly all day, every day, without compalint or need for a break and never fails to turn up on time or have an attitude, as well as proving to be a huge attraction for the customers, should be a must for every restaurant or hospitality venue.

If you want to find out how Bellabot, the robot waiter, could work in your restaurant or venue, get in touch and we can arrange an onsite demonstration, so you can see for yourself the benefits robot servers can bring.

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