How Robots Assist Front of House Hospitality Staff, Rather Than Just Replace Them

Hospitality is currently going through an unprecedented period of extreme staff shortages, making it one of the industries biggest challenges and this is where front of house service robots come in.

  • They offer a real solution to the staff shortages.
  • Provide a very practical solution to front of house service.
  • Allow staff to engage with customers more.
  • Create a better customer experience.
  • Allow huge operational savings to be made.

Taking The Legwork Out Of Restaurant Service

Savvy restaurant owners and employees won’t only see robots as a replacement for FoH staff but an aid to assist them in their role

Running plates back and forward from kitchen to restaurant is hard work, so taking the legwork out of the operation for the human staff and allowing them to spend more time attending to the needs of customers can only be a good thing.

Let’s face it, when did you last hear a front of house member of staff talking about how much they love carrying heavy plates and trays to and from the kitchen, however most of them will say how much they enjoy the customer interaction.

Short handed FoH staff are put under considerable pressure in a busy restaurant. So much so, that the niceties of good customer service are often missed and the customer experience suffers. How often have you tried to catch the eye of a busy waiter or waitress, to ask for a clean fork or extra mustard, only to find they’re dashing past with a plate in each hand and don’t have time to stop?

FoH Staff Can Spend More Time Actually Front of House

Utilising front of house service robots in the role of Commis de Rang or runner, means that FoH staff can spend more time actually front of house and attend to the needs of the all important customers, giving them time to attend to their needs and even practice the under utilised skill of ‘upselling’. What restaurant owner wouldn’t want that and even the FoH staff might benefit from increased tips!

So everyone will benefit, making robotic front of house service robots a must in every restaurant!

Robot server Bellabot serving directly to the table at TCB Unlimited Dining
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