Introducing FoH Robots In Hospitality

The welcome has been cautious, acceptance mixed but interest undoubted!

The UK is a late adopter of robotics in general and in a traditionally person centric industry like hospitality, some would say robots don’t have a place.


Last week at NRB22 the north’s showcase of eveything hospitality and this week at The Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show, HRC22 at The Excel Centre, everyone who passed our stand has had a reaction and it’s fair to say by far the largest percentage of people have had a smile on their face.<

It’s true the robots catch your attention and once over the initial reaction of ‘quirky’ or ‘gimmicky’, if you stop to consider their value in a Front of House hospitality setting, nobody has gone away without wondering just how they can be used in their own particular setting.

Whether it’s plugging the staff shortage gap, taking the leg work out of running back and forth from kitchen to tables carrying heavy trays or paltes of food, or simply making huge savings on labour costs, everyone begins to see the benefit of having a #BellaBot in their team.

Just like when EPOS took over from traditional point of sale (cash!) and ‘scan as you shop’ made standing in a queue to check out a thing of the past, it’s an evolution.

The question is, are you a leader or a follower in your hospitality business?

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