It’s Christmas And Bellabot’s In The Festive Spirit

 Everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit as we get near to the big day and Bellabot wasn’t going to be outdone as the team at The TCB Unlimited Dining Experience were getting into the Christmas spirit with Christmas Jumper Day!!

You can’t help but smile and that’s exactly what the customers did when they were greeted by Bella and the team when they arrived to eat at the St Helens restaurant.

Bellabots in the festive spirit


Company parties, shoppers and others simply out for a lovely meal with friends mingles with the Bella’s, as they worked their magic running to and fro between kitchen to tables, delivering food with a cheery repertoire and the now familiar message…

Dear Guests, your food is ready’ and ‘Here I come with tasty food…’

Bellabots have been working hard all year in the TCB Unlimited Dining Experience restaurants in Blackpool, Bolton, Liverpool, St Helens and Wigan and last month a whole team of robot waiters started work in the newly refurbished Bury restaurant, where three Bellabots, a Holabot and a Kettybot all support the front-of-house team in serving customers with literally hundreds of dishes ever day.

3 Christmasy Bellabots
Festive Bellabots in the restaurant

These cheery little robots are a great attraction for the restaurants and some incorporating them into their operations have reported an increase in customer footfall of around 15%, a huge boost to business in these difficult times for hospitality.

They are not just a gimmick though, operators have also been able to operate effectively with reduced staff, something they were struggling with due to the nationally reported staffing shortage within the industry and an added benefit is the lower overhead running cost of the robots compared to employing staff, if indeed they were available attract them in the first place.

Hutech Robotics, the main distributor of PuDu Robotic products in the UK would like to wish everyone seasons greeting, a happy Christmas and a very prosperous 2023.

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