Robot Waiters, Stars Of Hospitality

As we rapidly race into 2023, it’s already late January! Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the restaurant industry.

In this article:
  • Robot Waiters In Restaurants
  • Holabot in Aspire Lounges
  • Kettybot in Hotels
Robot Waiters In Restaurants

Robot waiters and servers, like Bellabot and Holabot are beginning to appear more often and attract huge attention in restaurants, hotels and even airports around the UK.

Robot servers are not only able to take orders and deliver food to tables, but they can also perform other tasks such as cleaning and restocking. 

This frees up human staff to focus on tasks that require a personal touch, such as cooking, customer service, and management.

Doing the running between kitchen and restaurant tables, Bellabot our primary robot waiter carries heavy plates and trays of drinks all day and all night without complaining once!

One of the major advantages of using robot servers is that they can work 24/7 without breaks, which helps to increase efficiency and productivity in the restaurant. 


  • No time lost due to breaks!
  • Robots don’t take holidays!
  • Robots don’t get sick!
  • Robots never have an attitude!
  • Robots cost less per week than humans!

Holabot and Bellabot lined up in front of the bar in Hard Rock Hotel

Robot servers also save on labor costs and reduce the risk of human error

Another advantage of using robot servers is that they can provide an added level of entertainment and engagement for customers. 

The Aspire Front of house team at a UK airport gathered around Holabot on the first day at work.

Holabot In Aspire Lounges

Operators like Swissport, who deliver services at most UK airports are utilising the power of robots.

Holabot, the table clearing robot, working in Aspire Lounges, in support of the front-of-house staff, doing literally hundreds of journeys back and forth from the lounge to the pot wash, carrying dirty crockery and glasses, taking the load off the human team members and putting a smile on the faces of travellers all day long.

Paul Crone Granada TV

Kettybot In Hotels

Many restaurants are using robots with interactive displays and programmed with fun responses, which can make dining out more fun and enjoyable for customers.

As we move forward into 2023, we can expect to see more and more restaurants embracing the use of robot servers. 

This is an exciting development that has the potential to revolutionise the way we dine out and enhance the overall dining experience in many everyday situations and we’re loving it!.

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