Our FAQ's Can Often Solve Many Problems Quickly & Easily.

  1. Check if the battery level is too low. Try to charge and boot up. 
  2. Check if the battery cover is installed correctly. 
  3. Make sure the power key switch is “ON”. 
  4. Check if the battery is correctly installed in the cabin. (Applicable to Bella and Hola)
  1. Check if the battery cover in the bottom is correctly placed. 
  2. Open the battery cover and make sure the key switch is turned “ON”. 
  3. Check if the battery is correctly installed. 
  4. Power adpater”s charging signal light is off. (Normal charging status: Charger shows “red” and shows “green” when charging complete). If the power adapter is damaged, please contact Hutech Technical Support for replacement. (Applicable to Bella and Hola).
  1. Robot is not booting up at the fixed boot-up point.
  2. Incorrect map selected. 
  3. Distinct environment change can lead to “Self-Inspection” failure.
  4. If incorrect map selected, please switch to the correct map in “Map Settings”. 

1. Check if any obstacles are in front of the robot.
2. Check if the down sensors are smeared with grease, debris, etc.
3. Check if the track width is less than the robot‘s minimum passing width (70cm).
4. Check if any reflective objects on track side (for example: mirror, metal reflective material). If yes, apply frosted stickers of 12-18cm height.

  1. The object on the tray may be a wine glass (the stem is too thin), the object is too short (lower than 5cm), glassware or reflective objects.
  2. Bella is delivering the first tray but the guest took the food from the second tray.
  3. Confirm you took the food from the right tray.

Note – Avoid objects that affecting sensoring

The robot can only be paged at idle status. Also, there is a 2 minute frozen period. When you call the robot or interact with the robot, it’s at busy status. The robot enters idle status when it’s on return.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here and you haven’t already submitted a support ticket. You can do so on the link below

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