What are the key benefits for a hospitality venue using a Hutech robot?

I know, I know, you can’t see it right now..

But just stick with me on this because our hospitality serving robots are currently generating a huge amount of interest in the industry for a number of reasons, making them the perfect addition to front of house teams.

We recently showed them for the first time at NRB22 in Manchester and HRC22 at London\’s Excel, the first major events for hospitality since the unfortunate demise of the 2020 exhibition season and it has to be said, they were received with great enthusiasm!

Despite initial sceptisism, especially from those working front of house, after a short explanation about how they could integrate and support any FoH team, there wasn\’t anyone who left our stand, not convinced they are clearly the future.

An Immediate Solution To Staffing Shortages

For those currently experiencing the staffing crisis and let\’s face it, who isn\’t right now? they\’re an immediate solution to staffing shortages, able to do all the restaurant running between servery and tables, which is a huge aid to front of house service staff, allowing them to spend more time with customers, enhancing the customer experience, as well as increasing revenue, being on hand to upsell more drinks, etc. something that sadly, ofetn goes by the way when busy staff are under pressure and of course, not forgettng an attraction to new customers, as well as offering huge operational cost savings.

Customers Get A Better Service

As a short term solution to hospitality staffing shortages, the benefit is obvious as a restaurant serving robot but secondarily, aside from the very practical uses the robots perform as ‘food runners’ and general front of house servers, everyone agrees that freeing up FoH staff to spend more time actually front of house, rather than running backwards and forwards, means that customers actually get better service, with more attention being paid to customer engagement and delivering a much enhanced customer experience, something that would only benefit the restaurant in return bookings and even staff gratuities!

So in the long term, the robot servers deliver a great service, making life easier for front of house staff and prove to be a great attraction, especially if your restaurant is the first in the area to have Bellabot or another of the Pudu Robotics family, with people sometimes booking at the restaurant, just to be served by Bella and her team!

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