Where Can I See Robot Waiters In Action?

It’s a question we get asked an awful lot, ‘where can I see robot waiters in action?’

There are many places the robots can be used:

It might be hoteliers or restaurant owners, wanting to know where they can find other hospitality businesses using the robots, as either robot waiters or robot servers, where they can find the confidence that they’re a valuable asset front-of-house and not just a gimmick!

Or it might be the public wanting to see them in action, because yes, as well as being a huge asset in supporting front-of-house operations, they are also a great attraction, encouraging people to visit restaurants, just to see the robot waiters.

Some operators of the robots in hospitality have told us they’ve experienced an uplift in footfall of around 15% since introducing the robot servers like Bellabot and Holabot. So as well as cost savings in certain areas, we can also demonstrate a positive benefit to turnover and profitability.

But back to the original question of where can you see the robot waiters, we’ve been very busy over the last few months, taking the robot servers to exhibitions and demonstrating them to a whole range of potential operators.

Earlier this month, we exhibited at The Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show at The NEC Birmingham, where many theme park and holiday park operators showed a huge interest in the robots, so you never know, maybe next year when you’re on holiday, you might just come across Bellabot or Holabot, either delivering your food or clearing the dirty dishes and glasses away in the camp and park restaurants.

Holabot Joins Team Aspire

Also as you go off on holiday, passing through many of the UK’s airports and visit the Aspire Lounges, you will certainly see Holabot helping the front-of-house teams keep them looking fresh and tidy, as the robot server collects the empties and dirty dishes, taking the heavy lifting out of the busy staff’s daily routine.

Bellabot at The Hard Rock Hotel

Another place to see the robot waiters in action is at The Hard Rock Hotel in London, where the team of Bellabot and Holabot have smoothly integrated into the restaurant operation, supporting front-of-house staff and wowing the customers, as Bellabot sings Happy Birthday while delivering the birthday cake!

That’s just a few of the places to spot the robots but there are others too many to mention, as they’re roaming around universities, banks, private hospitals and all sorts of places, so keep your eye out and let us know where and when you spot them.

We’re on socials at Facebook @HutechRobotics Insta @Hutechrobots and LinkedIn

But if you’re wanting more information about how the robots could be used in your business and don’t want to wait until the 2023 holiday season, drop us a message and we’ll discuss the options and arrange a demonstration in your venue, so you can make your mind up for yourself.

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