Why Robot Waiters Offer A Better Customer Experience

More and more UK Restaurants are turning to Robot Waiters and the reasons are clear!

Beyond the value of huge cost savings and the fact that robots plug the gap in current staff shortages, having a tireless robot to do the mundane and exhausting running between servery and tables makes life so much easier for Front of House staff.

Is it any wonder that fewer and fewer people are choosing to seek jobs in large restaurants and most see waiting on as a fill-in job rather than career move?

It’s damn hard work!

Constantly running back and forth, carrying sometimes heavy trays or pairs of individual plates.

At the end of a busy service, you know you’ve put a shift in. Those with a Fitbit or similar might see 25k steps and all you want to do is go home and take the weight off your feet. You might reflect that you haven’t even spoken to anyone properly, you were just running dishes back and forth!

But what if you had a Comis De Rang? Someone to do the running for you… Well that’s exactly what the new breed of robot waiters do

Taking the leg work out of Front of House service, leaving your best and most personable staff to work the restaurant, engage with custoners, attending to their every need and creating an environment where customers feel special, pampered, valued and wanting to come back.

No matter what your opinions are right now, on whether Robot Waiters are a good thing or not, it’s fair to say that they are here, in the role, in the UK and doing a great job.

The future is now and anyone failing to recognise their benefit in FoH service roles will soon find themselves on the back foot and playing catch up in the race to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our experience at NRB22 and HRC22 over the last couple of weeks has been a breath of fresh air, talking to restaurant and hotel owners excited to find out more and learn how they can incorporate Front of House Service Robots into their operation and reap the rewards of being early adopters.

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